CAPEXIT Party People

Who are we?

The Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT was founded in 2007.

In 2008, the Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT was officially registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as a political party in the Republic of South Africa.

Our first hope is that the ANC-controlled South African government will engage in immediate negotiations to bring an end to the long-standing political, social and economic oppression that they have imposed without challenge on the Cape and its people to this day.

By allowing for greater provincial control over our own economic, social and political affairs we will, at the least, be able to relieve our people of some of the daily persecution we endure.

If the opportunity to negotiate fairly is not possible, then the Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT will be left no option but to use all legal and peaceful means to bring into effect greater autonomy of the Cape from the Republic of South Africa, or pursue complete independence… The Cape Republic.

If the Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT were to receive a majority vote in an election within the Cape territory, this would be an official mandate from the people to hold a referendum to declare the Cape an independent country. As an independent state, with sound political and economic policies, we envision a system of direct democracy enabling the rebirth of a nation based on mutual respect, peace and prosperity…

…The Cape of Good Hope.

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