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Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT - Leaxder - Jack Miller

Good People of the Cape,

For too long our great land has been held hostage by a political system that has ignored human liberty, pillaged resources to the benefit of the few, and persecuted various groups of people that did not belong to the ruling government of the time.

From the British Empire’s formation of the colonial ‘Union of South Africa’ in 1910, to the Apartheid government, to the ANC regime of today, each one has used the centralised state levers of power to their own benefit through the oppression of others.

It is time to enlighten ourselves. To understand that systems built on coercive structures, regardless of which figureheads or ethnic groups happen to fill those seats, are in themselves designed to fail. Let us thank history for its wise lessons and bid its mistakes farewell.

I hear endless complaints everywhere I go about the state of the country and its future. But if you were really serious, would you continue to follow the same path that led you there?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein –

South African politics is a stagnant pit of racial extremists, communist aristocracy and spineless grey suits. The trajectory of the country is clear and the downward hill is getting steeper.

The solutions are simple. With our collective will, it is simply a choice

. Let’s stand together against this failed system.

Let’s vote Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT.

Let’s free the Cape.

Jack Miller, Cape Independence Party - CAPEXIT Leader
(NEC, Presidential Council, Founder)

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